Number of Registered Players

Minimum of 7 players per team.
Maximum of 10 players per team.
A minimum of 6 players must be present to start the game to avoid a forfeit.


30 minutes each game (2 halves of 15 minutes each).

Pitch Distribution

7-a-side dimension
Artificial lighting
7-a-side aluminum goalposts (2 goalposts per field)



  • 18 years old and above.


The tournament will be played in accordance with the standards established by the Spanish Football Federation (F.E.F) for 7-a-side football, with the following exceptions:

  • The duration of the matches will be 15 minutes per half with a total of 30 minutes per match (all teams must be ready and present at the warm up area 10 minutes before each match kicks off)
  • Extra time will be added, as and when required, and is at the disposal of the officiating referee.
  • All matches will kick off at the same time (indicated by the pitch delegates).
  • Substitutions are unlimited but must be made when play has stopped and the referee must provide consent.
  • The offside Law will NOT apply.
  • If a player is shown the RED CARD by the referee, he will be suspended from the subsequent game in which his team plays.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any players. The 24SEVENS Committee will decide any disputes and their decision is final.
  • All disputes, queries or objections not covered by the Tournament Rules, shall be referred to the 24SEVENS Committee whose decision and ruling shall be final, binding and respected.

Additional Regulation

Players registered for one team may not play for any other.

Every registered player must take part in matches played by their team. If a player cannot take part due to injury or any other justifiable reason, the pitch delegates must be informed of this before the match.

Competition Mode

A maximum of 10 teams will compete in the tournament. Round robin format will be used to decide matches in the knockout stages.

Round Robin Stage

Match won: 3 points
Match drawn: 1 point
Match lost: 0 points

If teams are tied on points, the tie-break criteria will be in the following order:

  1. Head-to head goal difference
  2. Overall goal difference

iii. Most goals scored

  1. Drawing of lots

Knockout Stage

If a knockout match ends in a draw, there will be a penalty shootout in which each team will get three kicks. If there is no winner after three kicks, the teams will continue taking one kick each until there is a winner (sudden death). A penalty taker may only take another kick once all of the other members of their team have taken a kick.


If a team is not on the pitch in time to play their match, they will automatically lose the fixture 3-0.


All matches will be officiated by referees appointed and trained by 24SEVENS Technical Director.


Each tournament will be officiated by a Technical Director. All appeals will be made directly to the Technical Director’s office. The Technical Director has the final decision on the outcome.

Pitch Delegate

There shall be a pitch delegate at all matches, whose job shall be to collect the referee’s report from each match. This figure is the top authority for that pitch.

Referee’s Report

A report shall be made of each match. It is the respective team’s responsibility to make sure that they agree with the content of the report.

Medical Insurance

All teams must have contracted a medical insurance policy. The organizer will not be held responsible for any injuries caused during the tournament.

Fixture List

The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the fixture list, kick-off times and location of pitches, as well as to any regulation that it deems necessary.


In the case of a color clash between teams, the team listed first in the fixture list shall be considered to be the ‘home’ team and have the right to use its first kit.

If in such a case the ‘visiting’ team has no second kit, the organizers may provide them with a set of bibs (although the ‘home’ team may agree to use its second kit and thus avoid the need for the ‘visiting’ team to wear bibs).