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Live Band
Food & Drinks

We were not kidding when we said the fun does not stop on the pitch, we celebrate inclusivity between matches – a time to revel in the festivities with your friends and family, to socialize over food, drinks, music and a plethora of other entertaining activities.

Bring your WAGs (wives and/or girlfriends), children, friends and family to soak in the festivities surrounding 24SEVENS and make a day out of it!

Kids Tournament
Witness the future stars of football in action with an exciting match during 24SEVENS as children from the local academies square off in a mini-tournament put together just for your kids!

Kids Football Clinic
Keen for your kids to receive professional training from a professional football academy? Let them experience the best development programme needed to help them achieve their aspirations and dreams of playing football.
Please email enquiries@24sevensfootball.com to register.
*Children of 24SEVENS participants will receive priority.

Food & DrinksWhat is a football party without food, drinks and beer? Be sure to enjoy a selection of the best food and wash it down a great selection of beers and beverages as your team toasts their victories or drown their sorrows all through the day.



BazaarA bazaar will be set up to appeal to an audience that enjoys a bargain and expect a wide range of collectible items, novelty handicrafts and many more! In which you may even spot a diamond in the rough during the bazaar!

24SEVENS FIFA16 TournamentDo you have what it takes to “bring it” off the field, and onto the screen? We are inviting the most talented FIFA16 players to compete in the 24SEVENS FIFA16 Tournament. With cash and prizes, and ultimately bragging rights at stake… are you ready? Please email enquiries@24sevensfootball.com to register.
*Available in certain venues only (And check if there is such a thing as FIFA 16)



Pop-up StoreHaving the top gear is not only essential to top teams and top players but also for you! You can be sure to find the apparel and equipment you will need to look and feel good while you compete/ play. So don’t come prepared with any “wardrobe malfunction” excuses when you trod off the pitch in defeat.

Movie ScreeningTake your mind off that last bad result and get inspired by some of the best football documentaries and movies including GOAL!, The Damned United, The Class of ’92, Ronaldo and One Night in Istanbul. Just don’t get too comfortable in front of the screens before your next game.



Performance ZoneWeave, pass and blast your way through our 24SEVENS Football Performance Zone as we put your dribbling, passing and shooting skills to the test. Complete the challenges in record time and stand a chance to win exclusive 24SEVENS merchandise.

Sports YogaIf you think yoga is breathe-in-breathe-out stretchy feely, then you’re in for a big surprise. We have found out that in whatever sport you do, yoga makes it better. Benefits include increased range of motion, core strength, mental focus as well as injury prevention, and better proprioception – your awareness of your where limbs are in space (integral for ball games and extreme sports).
This outdoor class also means you’ll be working against the forces of nature – heat, humidity & ambient sounds – just to amp up the challenge. This class will take you out of your comfort zone, use your own body weight as resistance, but will also be a whole lotta fun!
You’ll need: A Yoga mat or large bath towel. A bottle of water. Insect repellent. And an open mind. (last one is most important!)
*Available in certain venues only