24SEVENS Football Series is an international series that brings together the best Tournaments & Leagues from around the world together to celebrate all that is beautiful about the game.That sensational goal, that agonising miss, or the blotched pass that won it or lost it for your team – those emotions do not end at the final whistle. 24SEVENS players soak up the elation, or dust off the disappointment and take that desire to win their next game.Using football as a bridge, 24SEVENS aims for mass participation amongst amateur players around the world, who play socially in a competitive setting. We ensure the highest international standards from the moment you register your team – all in our bid to be the premier 5/6/7-a-side social football tournament in the world.

The fun does not stop on the pitch, we celebrate inclusivity between matches – a time to revel in the festivities with your friends and family, to socialize over food, drinks, music and a plethora of other entertaining activities.

So who said beauty is only skin deep?

1 series
3 continents
5/6/7 a-side football
10 major cities
150 hours of football
240 teams
2,000+ players
10,000+ supporters

Playing Format

7-a-side pitches

Distribution of pitches
2 teams per game per pitch

Number of registered player
Minimum 7 players per team
Maximum 10 players per team

18 minutes per game
(2 halves of 9 minutes each)

Why 7-a-side?


• Players touch the ball twice as much in 7-sided games.

• Players are involved in two times as many one-on-one situations.


• On average, in 7-a-side football, goals are scored every 4 minutes.

• Goalkeepers make 2 to 4 times as many saves in 7-a-side football than they do in 11-a-side.

• The ball is out of play 14 per cent of the playing time in 7-a-side football and 34 per cent in 11-a-side football.

Tournament Categories & Prizes

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Event Layout

There’s something for everyone

24SEVENS is for everyone, not just the players.
Check out our activities page for more details.